Joined: Министерская сессия в Фэрбанкс, 2017


“The voices of the Indigenous Peoples have to be heard”: An interview with Hjalmar Dahl

Hjalmar Dahl is the President of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Greenland and currently the Chair of the Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat’s (IPS) board. In this inter...
07 Oct 2021

Time witness reports: The Council’s informal structure has been important to its longevity and success

Harald Finkler has experienced and captured the evolution of the Arctic Council firsthand – both with his camera and in his interview for this time witness report. For al...
05 Oct 2021

Advisor at the Arctic Council Secretariat

The ACS is looking to hire a new Advisor to strengthen the overall capacity of the Secretariat.
04 Oct 2021
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