Garbage incinerator in Greenland. Photo: iStock / olli0815
Garbage incinerator in Greenland. Photo: iStock / olli0815

Community-based black carbon and public health assessment

Assessing and mitigating the risks of black carbon to public health.


Assess, on a pilot basis, local sources of black carbon emissions from a number of Alaskan, Russian and Saami villages. The project will:

  1. Provide a broad characterization of associated public health risks;
  2. Explore short- and long-term mitigation options;
  3. Assess and, where possible, strengthen local capacities to identify, mitigate, and prevent black carbon pollution;
  4. Draft a framework tool for community-based assessments of black carbon emissions and health risks; and,
  5. Educate local communities about black carbon emissions and risks.


  1. Mitigate black carbon/PM 2.5 and related health risks;
  2. Identify air pollution and short-lived climate forcing caused by black carbon emissions;
  3. Identify public health threats to local and indigenous Arctic communities;
  4. Work with communities to develop actionable, fundable black carbon and public health risk mitigation plans; and,
  5. Facilitate community linkages with technical experts, government authorities (local, state/regional and/or national, as appropriate) and other decision makers, funders or organizations able to support implementation of action plans mitigation strategies and activities
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