Harald Finkler
Harald Finkler

Arctic Food Innovation Cluster

Pulling together relevant people in the Arctic foods value chain for a cluster-based approach to food production and regional economic development.


For the purposes of this project, food production encompasses traditional, artisanal, and industry-scale production of natural resources into food for own, national, and international consumption, whereas food innovation includes new modes of production and consumption patterns. This cluster-based approach to food innovation draws together Arctic food producers with governments, Arctic Indigenous communities, universities, research centers, vocational training providers, and industry associations and young people. Overall, the project seeks to respond to numerous complex challenges in achieving sustainable food systems in the Arctic.


  1. Development of an Implementation Plan that will provide evidence-based knowledge for policy and development interventions that contribute to economic development through sustainable food and nutrition security.
  2. Indigenous Food Innovation Enhanced (IEE) (co-lead, Nord University, Bodø, Norway) will empower Indigenous Peoples through food innovation and entrepreneurship. The learning goal is to master small business innovation in the changing circumpolar world while taking account of the Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (TK).
  3. Indigenous Food Systems in the Arctic (IFSA) will explore the critical dimensions of Indigenous food systems in the Arctic. This on-line series and edited book will engage a broad audience in conversations about the cultural, economic and political dimensions of Indigenous food systems in the Arctic.
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